Clash of Phoenix APK Latest Version [100% Working]

Clash of Phoenix APK: This must not be a new fact for you that it is a pretty hard task to have a good amount of patience to collect the Gold, Elixir, and Gems if you already play Clash of clans. It is one of the best online strategy multiplayer games out there in the whole world.

We have played the game a lot, and really think that collection the huge amount of gems is very much time taking and requires a very good amount of effort. This much effort is required to be pulled off every time when you need to upgrade something big. The major upgrades take up a lot of resources and that just seems a little sad. Especially when you collect those resources for a very long time.

What is Clash of Phoenix APK Private Servers?

The Clash of Phoenix is the private server for the game Clash of Clans. These servers are not operated by Supercell (who operates Clash of Clans) but by some other people out there who are Clash of Clan lovers just like you and me.

You are going to get the premium type of access to the game using the Clash of Phoenix private server. Many people in 2019 use the Clash of Phoenix private server to get an unlimited amount of resources for free. This includes unlimited gems, gold, elixir as well as the dark elixir.

With the help of unlimited resources, one can easily boost up their town halls and troops in no time. Because of the unlimited gems, you can finish upgrades and create troops in no time. You can also buy additional gold and elixir if you want to (although you have got an unlimited amount of it).

This variant of the game is known to be a hack, but the fact is that the game is not a hack but a Private server instead. The Clash of Phoenix private server is based on C# emulator. The game itself has the smoothest Private Servers out there. There is only one server available for this Clash of Clan variant. But do not get upset yet, as the single server is a beast out there.

The Server features:

  • 16 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • 8 Core 4.2 GHz CPU for processing
  • 1 TB SSD Accelerated backup storage (The primary storage specifications are not disclosed as of now)
  • 99% uptime.

All of this is more than enough to feature the gameplay of hundreds of players worldwide at a time.

Why use Clash of Phoenix APK?

We all know that Clash of Clans is a very famous game but despite the fact, many players of the game do not like the fact that they need to wait for such a long time to collect the limited amount of resources to upgrade and level up in the game. And that is when many people prefer Clash of Phoenix.

With the help of the Clash of Phoenix private server, you can consider rowing up your base and army pretty faster. With the help of the Clash of Phoenix private servers, you can forget collecting your resources daily, update whenever you want to, unlock troops easily, and still be a pro in the game.

How does it feel when say, everything is unlimited?

unlimited gold

Not only this, but you are also going to get an unlimited amount of gems, an unlimited amount of gold, and as well as the elixir. You can also combine the building to create a custom building having the power of both of the two combined buildings. As well as, you can combine the skills of two or more of heroes or troops and make your own custom troops. Within the Clash of Phoenix, you are going to get everything unlocked within the store along with zero upgrade time (thanks to the unlimited gems again!).

And you are going to get all these premium features within the best private server out there. The best part is, we did not even mention all the features of the Clash of Phoenix server, and we are keeping the rest of the features untold for you to discover.

Clash of Phoenix is no doubt one of the most infamous clash of clans free private servers out there with a total fan base of around only 10%. Although that is not less, the game tends to crash sometimes due to technical connection errors and thus being the reason for it all.

How to Download & Install Clash of Phoenix?

clash of clans witch

Installing the Clash of Phoenix server is very easy and simple. Earlier versions required rooted devices to run the game, but in this case, you can also play the game within a non-rooted device as well. This simply helps more people to play the game, at the end meaning which you are going to get many more creative opponents to compete with out there.

There are just some of the simple steps that you are required to perform to get started with playing your favourite clash of Clans game without any restrictions.

Download Clash of Phoenix APK and iOS

There is a lot of Clash of Phoenix APKs present out there but many of them are fake and download just something else instead of the Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK. That can be a simple unwanted junk app or even a malware for your android device or your personal computer.

So, it is not really recommended to take the risk and download the real Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK from our site. We strive to maintain the latest version of Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK for download and you can always get it here whenever an upgrade comes or you wish to upgrade your game to get latest features.


Clash of Phoenix Installation Procedure

Now, in order to install the latest Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK in your android device, you are required to follow the steps that are mentioned below carefully. So, without wasting any further time let’s just dive into the guide.

Note: It is recommended to install the Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK in parallel space or uninstall the real clash of clans app first in order to safeguard your original clash of clans account. Again, a minimum Android version of Android 4.0.0 is required in order to play Clash of Phoenix on your android mobile device.

  1. At first to get started, you need to download the latest Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK file from our servers using the download button above.
  2. After you have downloaded the APK file make sure that you can install apps from “Unknown Sources”. To do this, go to your mobile settings. After that, simply tick the box stating “Install Applications from unknown sources”. Now get back to the downloads page.
  3. Now, continue to install the app.
  4. Once the Clash of Phoenix Private Server APK has been successfully installed, run the app and grant all the required permissions to the COC mod app including the network and internal storage access.

Now the Clash of Phoenix APK has been installed in your android device. Play and let me know how is your experiance.


Clash of Clans is a very competitive game when it comes to strategic multiplayer games and you are required to have the best tactics to defeat them all. Clash of Phoenix is a very good place to experiment with your skills in a very fun way. You can also try the clash of magic server for more fun.

You have unlimited possibilities of winning and discovering new tactics here without losing anything from your original account. In turn, you are just increasing up your own experience level that is going to come in handy when it comes to real life original clash of clans.

The 99999999 gems that you get with the Clash of Clan private server APK is going to help you do whatever you want to without any possible restrictions. So, better use them and level up your tactics and skills and beat them all in the original Clash of Clans.

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