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Clash of magic is one of the most popular games available for Android. The game is created and programmed by the Supercell. As we all know that COC has a lot of restrictions and limitations, these can be override by the Clash of Magic APK. That is why just because of the lots of users over there, we decided to share the method how you can download clash of magic for android which can give you unlimited gold, gems and much more.

Android is one of the most used OS globally. It has such a vast number of active users who are using an Android Smartphone. Where such a big number of users are playing clash of magic on their device.

But still, many users want to know the method behind how they can download the clash of magic server s1, COM s2, clash of magic s3, and the clash magic s4. So, here are gonna discuss everything about this interesting and the most searched term over the internet. If you are searching for the same, then you are at the best spot, just scroll down the page.

Clash of Magic APK Features

Every game should have some useful, exciting features because that is the only thing why we are installing that app in our device. If an application or a game cannot serve you the exciting features, then nobody going to full his/her space with that type of app. So, here we are going to discuss the working and exciting features of the clash of magic apk.

  • The personal private servers are incredibly fast and hassle-free.
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Elixir Unlimited
  • Gold Unlimited
  • Zero Building Timing
  • Hores Unlimited
  • Troops Builders,Normals,Villagers
  • It provides the custom mods it has no controls.
  • No errors
  • You don’t need to confront any farthest point of time and the resources.
  • Furthermore, you can create a large number of structures around the local area lobbies inside only one gold.

Requirements to Install Clash Magic Game

Every app, every application has its requirements, which you should fulfill if you want to install and enjoy that app. If you cannot complete the requirements then, sadly you cannot install that particular application on your device. So, here below, you will get the minimum requirements to install the clash of magic apk are.

  • 86 MB of space required on your Android device.
  • 1000 MBps network needed to run it properly.
  • Let us tell you the size of the clash of magic apk is just 85.6 Mb approx.
  • If you want to download clash of magic for android, then you should download the APK from Clash which required the minimum requirements of 4.0.3, 4.0.4 Android version or higher.
  • At the moment if you need to download clash of magic for Android, first of all, you need to download the APK from Clash which required the base prerequisites of 4.0.3, 4.0.4 Android Operating System or higher.
  • Location permission also will be one of the requirements of this game which you should give.
  • Also, it requires media access.

This is all about the requirements of the clash of magic apk. So, if you want to download this apk file on your device, then you should take care of these significant requirements. If your device can complete these requirements, then, you are all set to download this game. Also, you reached the destination, and you will not need to search for it anymore.

Clash Of Magic Private Servers

Clash of magic game

The clash of the magic app provides you the 4 different servers which can be used as per the requirements and the taste of the users. Which type of performance and the experience you need, it is completely your call. So, only you can choose the right and the perfect server for you. Let’s discuss all the 4 clash of magic servers to distinguish them.

Clash Of Magic S1

This is the top server accessible, and it is the best all things considered. Then again known as The Black Magic, Clash of Magic server 1 is the modded version of the Clash Of Magic. The gamers can adore every one of the mods accessible for the game when getting a charge out of Clash of Magic on this server. The server offers complete command and modes without any purchasing requirement. This server is perfect for gamers who need to adore mods without any bounds and all.


Clash Of Magic S2

You might know the Clash Of Magic S2 as the Hall of Magic because this is one of the well-known and the most famous names of the Clash Of Magic S2. With the Clash of Magic Server 2, you can enjoy the little bit of modded version of the game very easily because it offers to the users. The only thing which distinguishes the Server 1 and Server 2 is, the Clash Of Magic Server 2 has certain buying limit on commands and mods. Well, if you want the limited access of the server, then it will be the right server for you which you can give a try for sure.


Clash Of Magic S3

The clash of magic s3 doesn’t have any pre-installed mods. So, it can be a good option only for those who don’t need anything custom or customizable. If you want to play with some small and normal tweaks, then this is a good option for you because there is no buying limits and mods on offer.


Clash Of Magic S4

The server 4 known as the power of magic as it is the most used and the well-known name of this server. The server isn’t modded, and it’s for the individuals who don’t have any enthusiasm for custom mods yet at the same time need a superior and the stunning experience than the original COC. The Clash of Magic S4 gives you access to boundless resources and need to enjoy usual construction times and construct a cost.


How to Download & Install Clash Of Magic Apk Latest Version [Any Server]

  1. Visit the server, and you can download any server of the game which you want to play.
  2. Then, go to your device setting and allow the unknown sources on your device. As you need to allow it whenever you need to install any
  3. outer or third-party app in your device.
  4. Now find the clash of magic apk downloaded file in your file manager.
  5. And simply install it in your device, it will take a couple of seconds or longer than that, depends on your device’s processor.
  6. Now open and start using the app without any problem.

This was all you need to download clash of magic apk for Android. After following these steps, you will be easily able to install it on your device.


Above I have shared all the working servers of Clash of Magic game. I have manually tested all the servers and as of now all of them are working. If you find any issues then let me know. Now try out yourself and if you like the clash of magic aka clash of clans private server game then please share it with your friends. Love you guys for visiting this guide.

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